Tennessee Department of Agriculture

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Farming and forestry dominates Tennessee's landscape with 66,600 farms producing and selling crops, livestock, and forest products. Forty percent, or 10.8 million acres, of the state's land area is in farmland. More than 14 million acres of farm and non-farm forest lands generate about $300 million annually in timber sales, making Tennessee one of the nation's leading producers of hardwood lumber.

Agricultural production alone, excluding forest products, generates more than $3 billion annually in farm cash receipts. Tennessee's top agricultural commodities include cattle and calves, soybeans, broilers, horticultural products, corn, cotton, dairy products,  tobacco, hay, tomatoes, eggs, wheat, snap beans, grain sorghum, apples, peaches, farm chickens, squash, goats and sheep. Forestry related industries, value-added manufacturing, marketing and distribution, equine, and other agricultural related products also add significantly to the state's economy.

Tennessee is a major producer of several agricultural commodities. The state ranks second nationally in the number of meat goats and sixth in the number of equine. Tennessee ranks among the top ten states in the production of beef cattle, tobacco, fresh tomatoes and snap beans, hay and cotton. International trade has a significant impact on Tennessee agriculture with exports of raw agricultural products totaling nearly $1 billion each year.