News Article

Interning with the NASDA Foundation has been a great blessing and an experience that I will forever be grateful for. I was fortunate enough to intern with the Foundation for a year total. Last May when I started, the NASDA Foundation team and the NASDA staff were immediately welcoming.

My favorite time with the Foundation was helping with NASDA’s Next Generation starting in the summer. I had the privilege of helping with coordination of the student attendees in the summer and communicating with them well into the fall preparing for Annual Meeting. I even got to help facilitate NNG at the Annual Meeting. I was able to meet so many impressive students from across the nation and share their passion for the agricultural industry.

During my time as an intern, I was able to hone my digital media strategy skills through the Foundation social media and email newsletter. I was also able to strengthen my writing skills through various communications efforts, whether that were with team members or writing a press release.

Most importantly, I was able to better my time management and prioritization skills. I was an intern during my last year of my master’s program and juggling research, work and my internship was a tough but rewarding time.