Eligible technical assistance provider sub-award awardees must:

  • Be an established business and expect to maintain a physical presence within the Northeast Regional Food Business Center’s defined geographic area for the duration of the award;
  • Have direct experience helping small, middle-of-the-supply-chain food and agricultural businesses to identify and navigate third party financial assistance, particularly from federal, state, tribal, and other sources;
  • Have direct experience in food and agriculture business development services and/or training, including but not limited to planning, financial literacy, legal and regulatory awareness, succession planning, record keeping, and creating value-added non-food items and activities to generate additional revenue;
  • Provide training and guidance to:
    • Producers focused on local and regional intermediate markets (e.g., locally focused distributors, aggregators, and food hubs);
    • Small- and mid-sized food processors, distributors, aggregators, and food hubs;
    • USDA subaward applicants and recipients, prioritizing small, middle-of-the-supply-chain food and agricultural businesses; and
    • Other entities as determined by the Regional Business Food Center and USDA; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of unique regional needs and the capacity to meet the needs of small and mid-sized food businesses in the region.

Priority will be given to technical assistance providers that are led by or serve underserved or underinvested communities.