Have you ever felt like you’ve known someone your entire life but only met them in person two times? That is how I feel about the NASDA Foundation team. When I started at NASDA in August of 2021, I was nervous about working remotely. I was scared that I wouldn’t build a relationship with my supervisor and that I wouldn’t develop as a communicator fully because I was working remotely. My fears never turned into reality.

Ava Jane Teasley

When I think of the NASDA Foundation team, I think of grace, flexibility, and strength. These women have taught me to roll with the punches and always be adaptable. They have shown me that being a woman in agriculture is not a struggle but a privilege. They have shown me grace in the past ten months and that it is okay to be human. They trusted me to continue working through the spring, and we worked hard together regardless of the distance between us. The best part about this internship is that I know I will have these women in my life after I leave the Foundation.

During my internship, one of my favorite memories was at the Annual Meeting in September. The NASDA Next Generation students, NASDA members, and staff all were dancing in a circle celebrating and having a great time. I have never worked in an environment where the team encourages fellowship as much as NASDA. They care about their members and staff beyond the required level.

I cannot be more thankful for every NASDA member and staff who made my time interning great. I have made network connections and learned more about myself in the past ten months than I have ever. As I am leaving, I am excited to be graduating from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and attending law school at Mercer University in the fall. Thank you, NASDA!!