The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is currently recruiting for a State Administrative Manager 15 – Chief Science Officer within the Executive Office. This position is located at Constitution Hall, 525 W. Allegan St., Lansing. This position is open to all applicants and interested applicants must apply through NEOGOV.

This position serves as the head of the Office of Chief Scientist within the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Executive Office.  This person has the scientific background, credentials and experience to provide guidance to the Director and the Department on environmental issues, including climate change. Working with MDARD’s divisions and programs, this position will help evaluate current policies, goals and metrics, and help to coordinate development of future policies, goals and metrics.  The position will assist the Director and Department with development of environmental policy initiatives based on the best available sound science, as well as with implementation, and evaluation of policies.  The position’s external focus will include representing the Department on both formally established entities like the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) as well as at public meetings, legislative hearings, conferences, and workgroups.  The position requires a deep understanding of the scientific research process related to public health and the environment, as well as risk and public communication principles.

Contact Information

Sarah Fowler
Director, Communications