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2010 Kentucky Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS III) Workshop

NASS held a successful ARMS III Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky the week of January 12-15, 2010.  Participants experienced an educational and very rewarding week.  The Workshop attendees started the week by receiving a warm welcome from Kentucky Field Office Director, Leland Brown, followed by a strong message from guest speaker, Dr. Ani Katchova, from the University of Kentucky in…

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2009 Kansas Supervisory "Conclave"

 The NASS Kansas Field Office held a very productive Supervisory “Conclave” on November 18-20, 2009 in Salina, Kansas.  Kansas FO Director Glenda Shepler and Deputy Director Jason Lamprecht opened the session and introduced NASDA’s NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram to the group.  There were 10 NASDA Supervisors who participated in the workshop and they oversee more than 70…

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Aug. 3 to Aug 4, 2009 - California (Walnut and Orange Objective Yield)

Monday, August 3, 2009Sacramento, California Field Office8:30amMeet Kelly Krug, NASS CA Field Office Deputy Director. Go to meeting with California Agriculture Secretary A. G. Kawamura and senior staff. Discuss upcoming reports, surveys and NASS activities. FO Deputy Director Kelly Krug and CA Ag Secretary A.G. Kawamura10:00amVisit CA Field Office, meet staff, including enumerator…

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July 30, 2009 - Olympia, Washington (Phone Survey Calling & Field Survey)

9:30amMeet with NASS Field Office Director Dave Knopf and Deputy Director Dennis Koong to review day’s agenda and activities. Tour office, meet staff, see how office and field staff are organized, how lines of communications work, and learn roles & responsibilities. In addition to NASS employees, there are about 45 NASDA enumerators total–about 20 office enumerators, 22-23 field…

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July 31 to Aug. 1, 2009 - Portland, Oregon (Hazelnut Objective Yield)

8:00amMeet NASS Field Office Director Chris Mertz, NASDA Field Supervisor Jeaninne Waggoner and drive to Canby, Oregon (about 18 miles south of Portland) for Hazelnut Objective Yield Survey training. Jeaninne’s territory is most of southeastern portion of Oregon. She was recently selected to serve on the Supervisory Enumerator Advisory Council (SEAC). She has been a…

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2009 Idaho June Survey Workshop/Awards

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