The Supervisory Enumerator Advisory Council (SEAC) is an extension of the functional program responsibilities of NASDA’s NASS Program Director and the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s (NASS) Field Operations, and is established and organized under their guidance and leadership. SEAC serves as a resource for NASS and NASDA in providing input on critical issues related to NASS’s data collection efforts.

SEAC provides important advice on many issues, including the Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) program, respondent relations, response rates, enumerator hiring and retention, enumerator evaluation and feedback, survey promotional materials, communications, roles and responsibilities, regional Data Collection Centers (DCCs), and enumerator training and development.  The Council serves in an advisory capacity, bringing attention to the NASDA’s NASS Program Director and NASS Field Operations any trends, problems, issues, or circumstances which may impact the NASS-NASDA mission.

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