Established in 2003, the Supervisory Enumerator Advisory Council (SEAC) serves as a vital advisory body to NASDA and NASS HQ, offering crucial insights into programs, policies, procedures, data collection efforts, and enumerator management.

Composition and Membership

SEAC is composed of representatives from each of the NASS’s 12 regions and 2 Data Collection Centers (DCCs). Members serve rotating 3-year terms and convene quarterly to address key issues related to NASS’s data collection efforts.


SEAC provides important advice on various critical issues, including but not limited to:

  • Respondent relations
  • Response rates
  • Enumerator hiring and retention
  • Enumerator evaluation and feedback
  • Survey promotional materials
  • Communications
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Regional Data Collection Centers (DCCs)
  • Enumerator training and development
  • Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) program

Additionally, SEAC members review nominations and recommend award recipients for the annual NASDA Enumerator of the Year Award. They also act as mentors and points of contact for other NASDA supervisors, providing guidance on hiring, retention, training, performance, and other management matters.

Advisory Role

SEAC serves in an advisory capacity, bringing attention to NASDA’s NASS Program Director and NASS Field Operations any trends, problems, issues, or circumstances that may impact the NASS-NASDA mission.

Through its collaborative efforts and expertise, SEAC plays a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of NASS’s data collection processes and ensuring the integrity of agricultural statistics in the United States.

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