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The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources is seeking applicants for a Watershed Protection Program Administrator.

The DANR Watershed Protection Program works to assess, protect, improve, restore and maintain the health of South Dakota waters by providing local government bodies, natural resource management agencies and the general public with information, funding and technical assistance for watershed assessment and restoration projects. Work duties of the Watershed Protection Program Admininstrator require the person to be an expert on watershed management, water quality, hydrology, best management practices to improve and protect water quality, local watershed management organizations, financial assistance programs to help fund best management practices, and landowner relations. The Watershed Protection Program Admininstrator will use that expertise to be an innovative thinker who can lead the team to develop unique solutions to water quality and watershed problems while incorporating scientific and technical knowledge, be an outstanding communicator with excellent skills in both writing and speaking, a thorough knowledge of legislative scope, have the ability to set goals and objectives for the program, leadership and managerial skills to meet those goals and objectives on time, on budget, and using safe work practices. This position reports to the Director of the Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry or the Department Secretary in the Director’s absence.

Contact Information

Sarah Grace Fowler
Director, Communications
(202) 296-9680