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Today, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) announced its participation as a founding member of the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance (FACA). As the leading officials for agricultural and environmental regulation in the states, NASDA is proud to have contributed to the development of the 40+ recommendations for climate policy solutions also announced by the alliance today.

“Through authentic conversations with leaders from the climate, forestry and agriculture sectors, this group has pioneered a strategic plan to achieve our shared goal of empowering farmers to better protect and nourish our natural resources,” NASDA CEO Dr. Barb Glenn said. “With over 100 years of history in leading agriculture in the states, NASDA members know partnerships are key to successfully embarking on industry-shaping change.”

FACA’s core principals underscore that agricultural and forestry climate policies must be built upon voluntary, incentive-based programs and market-driven opportunities; they must promote resilience and adaptation in rural communities; and they must be science-based.

Last year, NASDA Members unanimously acknowledged the urgency of adapting to a changing climate and building more resilient farms and ranches. Emphasizing points that would eventually contribute to the development of the FACA principals, NASDA produced a report with Environmental Defense Fund, now a FACA co-chair, to demonstrate the success of innovative state-led efforts to finance agricultural conservation.

“Climate resiliency is an issue agriculture must act upon now with new approaches and technologies,” Glenn said. “We’re eager to leverage FACA’s united voice and work with our federal partners to advance agriculture and natural resource conservation further than we’ve been able to accomplish on our own.”


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