The mission of building a skilled, diverse, and inclusive agriculture workforce is given a presence online with the help of Russell Schiller, Together We Grow’s Social and Digital Content Coordinator. Although Schiller does not have an agriculture background, he loves the idea of being able to explore his passion for advertising, marketing, and social media through growing a company and making a real-world impact on careers in Food and Agriculture.

“Every day, we are focused on how we can inform people who never considered how they could have a job in food and ag,” Schiller said. “Those possibilities are real, and we need amazing people to fill those roles.”

Before arriving at Together We Grow, Schiller worked with Eastbay at Footlocker Incorporated. He said that he was able to combine a lifelong passion for sports, fashion, and advertising and work with some of his dream partners, bringing their campaigns to life.

“Sneakers and Sports Fashion are so different from food and agriculture,” Schiller said. “But the way we use the tools (social media, digital media, email, etc.) still apply the same. We are taking best practices working in the digital industry and then creating content that can live effectively in that environment, whether a shoe or a tomato, there is an audience for everything.”

Schiller has used his unique experiences as tools in his job with Together We Grow and has not allowed any circumstance he faces to define him. Schiller said he loves to fail forward, meaning he embraces his hardships as stepping stones to success.

“Being able to meet with, access, and have discussions like these, has helped educate me and keep me informed on the constantly growing world of Food and Agriculture,” Schiller said. “I have been very lucky to work with people who are willing to educate and collaborate, so I can ideate around new trends I see across the digital landscape and then work with our partners to learn what stories and highlights we can use to fit into these trends or various content styles.”

Since joining the Together We Grow team, Schiller has created six social media channels with over one hundred posts per channel. He understands the uniqueness of the agriculture industry and has launched the campaign #FeedingtheFuture, which highlights individuals who work, live, and breathe Food and Agriculture every day.

Schiller said it had been a thrill to be creating something from the ground up. He realizes his duty is to not only grow the digital footprint of Together We Grow but to bring awareness to the entire agriculture industry.

A few goals Schiller has consisted of working with people involved in Food and Agriculture on and off the far.

“Whether an employee, intern, farmer, scientist, social coordinator, we want to tell their story and invite people to be interested in this vital industry,” Schiller said. “We all need to work together to be able to feed the world’s growing population.”

Readers can connect with Schiller at with the subject, “#FeedingTheFuture,” and express interest in participating with Together We Grow’s mission. To follow Together, We Grow online, view the links below.