An Example of How A Group Can Access New Markets

GroupGAP members may combine their harvest as part of an aggregator or food hub. The food hub distributes to a wider market base. These markets benefit from locally sourced and stable food supply chains.

How GroupGAP Works

Answer the following questions to determine if GroupGAP is right for you:

  1. Can you gather a group of fellow specialty crop producers?
  2. Would your group be willing to share responsibility for applying food safety practices to increase your market opportunities?
  3. Can you identify individuals to fill key roles?
  4. Can you agree to be audited as one body?

The following chart has been adapted from the USDA GroupGAP User’s Guide and provides an example of what a typical year of GroupGAP looks like.

A GroupGAP Year

Audit Types

The USDA GAP Program offers two types of audit services – a process audit and a system audit.

Getting Started

Find the resources and training to help prepare for your GAP or GroupGAP audit.


Taking advantage of the wide variety of available resources can help you get the greatest benefit from the program.