Established 2022


The Ag Bioeconomy Coalition was founded by leading industry associations to advance federal policy initiatives that can foster growth in the agriculture bioeconomy. The coalition also serves as a forum and platform for information sharing about the ag bioeconomy for stakeholders within the industry.


The Ag Bioeconomy Coalition supports government initiatives that foster growth toward a circular economy based on innovative products derived from agricultural commodities. We advocate for all elements of the U.S. agriculture bioeconomy, from products like bio-based fuels, chemicals, manufacturing materials and consumer goods to necessary economic tools that support the ag bioeconomy like rural broadband, research and infrastructure.

Join the Ag Bioeconomy Coalition in advocating for an expanded bioeconomy – one that will lead us to a greener future with economic opportunity for all.

What is the Ag Bioeconomy?

The ag bioeconomy encompasses a broad range of innovative processes, technologies and products that can benefit our communities, our security and the environment. It is using renewable agricultural commodities as inputs to make chemicals, materials and products, providing circular solutions and supply chain resiliency. It also includes the people that grow agricultural feedstocks, businesses that manufacture biobased inputs and products, and the consumers who purchase them.

By investing in the U.S. bioeconomy, we can tap the talent and resources of American agriculture to produce new, more sustainable inputs and products. We can position our country’s agricultural producers to lead the shift to an ag-based circular economy and serve as a solutions provider in addressing economic and environmental challenges domestically and globally.

Policy Objectives

  • Promote governmental programs that facilitate the development and expansion of bioeconomy markets and infrastructure, particularly in rural economies.
  • Support market transparency and visibility initiatives that facilitate common ag bioeconomy environmental and economic nomenclature and measurement.
  • Promote ways in which government entities can support bioeconomy research and development.

The Ag Bioeconomy’s Farm Bill Priorities

  • Promote government programs that facilitate the development and expansion of bioeconomy markets and infrastructure, particularly in rural economies.
    • Modernize the USDA BioPreferred program and government procurement of biobased products
    • Improve the USDA Energy Title
    • Support economic development through bioproduct and biofuel infrastructure
    • Fulfill the promise of rural broadband
  • Support market transparency and visibility initiatives that facilitate common ag bioeconomy nomenclature and economic measurement.
    • Develop NAICS codes for biomanufacturers
    • Clarify and improve bioproduct and biofuel terminology
  • Promote ways in which government entities can support bioeconomy research and development.
    • Economic research on the ag bioeconomy, both domestic and global
    • Basic and advanced research on ag-based bioproducts

Ag Bioeconomy Coalition Members

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American Soybean Association
Corn Refiners Association
National Corn Growers Association
National Industrial Hemp Council of America
National Hemp Association
Plant Based Products Council

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