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Technical Assistance Provider Sub-Award

The Northeast Regional Food Business Center will open applications on July 22 for technical assistance providers to offer guidance and training to local producers and food and farm businesses, with an emphasis on tailoring support to individual needs and to the unique Northeast regional food systems. The deadline to apply for the first round of funding is August 23, 2024 by 7:59 PM.

Questions about how to apply through Fluxx? Please reach out to with any technical issues.

Funding Tracks

Track A: Direct Business Technical Assistance

Track B: Technical Assistance Provider Network Development

Track A will fund technical assistance providers who offer direct, 1:1 guidance, business technical assistance and training to local producers and food and farm businesses, with an emphasis on tailoring support to individual needs and to the unique northeast regional food systems. The minimum award value is $50,000 and the maximum award is $100,000.

Track B will fund awardees who create and coordinate sub-regional or northeast regional networks of technical assistance providers. Awardees are expected to create or expand regional and sub-regional networks of technical assistance providers. Networks may be organized by industry, market, geographic area, etc. The minimum award value is $100,000, and the maximum award is $200,000.

How it Works

We provide subawards that support technical assistance providers who serve small- and mid-sized farms and food businesses.

Envisioning a Northeast food system that strengthens communities and economies.

Applications for the first round of funding will open on July 22 and close at 7:59 p.m. on August 23, 2024. Allowable award activities include:

  • Business technical assistance
  • Value chain & supply chain coordination
  • Market development
  • Financial resource navigation assistance
  • Professional development and training, and coordination of technical assistance services.


Coordinating a Regional Network

Coordinate a regional network of Northeast food system partners and connect with other Regional Food Business Centers nationwide.

Building Capacity

Increase the amount and variety of regionally grown products and food businesses through technical assistance and capacity building.

Strengthening Regional Supply Chains

Increase the capacity of regional supply chains to identify, procure, aggregate, market and distribute products to major Northeast markets.

Supporting Long-Term Sustainability

Build sustainability into Regional Food Business Center activities to ensure continued growth and resiliency.

Integrating DEI Leadership

Meaningfully integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout all Northeast Regional Food Business Center programs and activities.


Who is eligible to apply for a technical assistance provider sub-award?2024-07-01T10:45:42-04:00

Eligible technical assistance provider sub-award awardees must:

  • Be an established business and expect to maintain a physical presence within the Northeast Regional Food Business Center’s defined geographic area for the duration of the award;
  • Have direct experience helping small, middle-of-the-supply-chain food and agricultural businesses to identify and navigate third party financial assistance, particularly from federal, state, tribal, and other sources;
  • Have direct experience in food and agriculture business development services and/or training, including but not limited to planning, financial literacy, legal and regulatory awareness, succession planning, record keeping, and creating value-added non-food items and activities to generate additional revenue;
  • Provide training and guidance to:
    • Producers focused on local and regional intermediate markets (e.g., locally focused distributors, aggregators, and food hubs);
    • Small- and mid-sized food processors, distributors, aggregators, and food hubs;
    • USDA subaward applicants and recipients, prioritizing small, middle-of-the-supply-chain food and agricultural businesses; and
    • Other entities as determined by the Regional Business Food Center and USDA; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of unique regional needs and the capacity to meet the needs of small and mid-sized food businesses in the region.

Priority will be given to technical assistance providers that are led by or serve underserved or underinvested communities.

What are considered allowable uses of the sub-award?2024-06-17T19:26:10-04:00
  • Business Technical Assistance, including one-on-one or cohort-based business planning, financial literacy, legal and regulatory awareness, succession planning, and record keeping;
    • Business technical assistance must prioritize training and guidance to:
    • Producers with a focus on direct marketing or accessing local and regional intermediate markets, such as locally-focused distributers, food hubs, institutions, restaurants, and retailers;
    • Small- and mid-size farmers, producers, processors distributors, aggregators, and food hubs
    • Other entities as determined by the Center and USDA
  • Value Chain & Supply Chain Coordination, including networking and peer-to-peer sharing;
  • Market Development, including market research, access, and general marketing support; and
  • Financial Resource Navigation Assistance, including aggregating opportunities from third parties (federal, state, tribal, and other sources);
  • Professional Development and Training, including workshops and networking events focused on developing skills and abilities of technical assistance professionals
  • Coordination of Technical Assistance Services, such as region-wide or sub-regional technical assistance referral systems
How will applications be scored and reviewed?2024-06-17T19:34:19-04:00

The review process for all applications will involve assessing the proposed project and assigning weight through a combination of the following priorities:

  • The project’s alignment with NERFBC Goals
  • The project’s viability and potential for positive impact
  • The project’s value and uniqueness within the Northeast region
  • The lead organization’s or business’ potential capacity to lead the project
  • The reasonableness of the proposed budget; and,
  • The project’s ability to create opportunities for historically underinvested individuals and/or their communities.
Does the sub-award require cost sharing or matching?2024-06-18T07:54:57-04:00

No, the Center does not require cost sharing or matching funds in any of its funding programs.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?2024-07-03T11:56:44-04:00

If you have general questions about the Center, the technical assistance sub-award program, or you would like to provide feedback, please contact

If you have questions specific to the Fluxx software and require assistance in completing your application online, please contact

What is the funding timeline?2024-07-03T12:37:11-04:00

The funding timeline for the first round of funding for technical assistance providers is:

  • Applications Open: July 22, 2024
  • Informational Webinars: July 30, August 7 & August 15, 2024
  • Deadline for Applications: August 23, 2024 at 7:59 PM ET
  • Announcement of Sub-Awards: Estimated September 30, 2024

Subsequent rounds for technical assistance providers and business builder awards will be announced in the coming months.


USDA AMS Regional Food Business Centers Program

Technical Assistance Directory

The Northeast Regional Food Business Center operates through a cooperative agreement with USDA. As part of this agreement, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service is substantially involved in the development and progress of project activities. To learn more about the Regional Food Business Center program, in general, please visit:

Cornell University’s Center for Regional Economic Advancement has launched a directory for producers and food business owners to find and connect with technical assistance providers across the Northeast region. If you represent a technical assistance providing organization and have not registered for the directory, please visit the sign-up form.

Obtain a Unique Entity ID (UEI)

Webinar Recordings

Sub-awardees are required to obtain a UEI in prior to being issued a subaward. This process can take multiple weeks in some instances, so it is important to start the process now. Visit this guide on how to obtain a UEI number. It is free to register in

The Regional Food Business Center has hosted a number of outreach and informational sessions in coordination with its technical assistance sub-award program and related Center activities. To view past recordings of these webinar sessions, please visit our past webinars page.

Information Sessions

Tuesday, July 30 (9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. ET): Link to Register for the Zoom Session

Wednesday, August 7 (12 p.m. – 1 p.m. ET)Link to Register for the Zoom Session

Thursday, August 15 (2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. ET)Link to Register for the Zoom Session

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