Upcoming Sub-Award Funding Opportunities

Northeast USDA Regional Food Business Center sub-award funding applications will open in mid-2024 with awards for technical assistance providers and in early-2025 with business builders awards. Subscribers to the Center’s mailing list will receive periodic updates with more information on the two funding types, along with announcements on upcoming informational sessions to support your team in completing the funding proposal.

Awards for Technical Assistance Providers

Technical assistance sub-awards will be available for technical assistance providers to offer guidance and training to local producers and food and farm businesses, with an emphasis on tailoring support to individual needs and to the unique Northeast regional food systems.

Mid 2024 – Early 2025

Business Builder Awards

Business builder awards will be targeted financial assistance to individual food businesses that are seeking support in access to capital, supply chain coordination and other barriers to expansion.

Early 2025 – Mid 2025